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Import a file containing custom items

First you need to create a file containing all the items you would like to import according to the following format

Then, make sure the memory-card is available (no USB-cable should be attached). Press the menu button. Then select “import items”

The Ackera file-browser will be displayed, simply navigate to the file you have imported and tap on it. To navigate backwards, use the “back-button” on the phone. To close the file-browser without importing, hit the back-button several times.


Weekly summary w27

  •  Icons for Ackera have been made (and implemented)
  • Ackera is now launched and available at market
  • Started to implement a new feature: Import items from a text-file. This will make it possible to add entire lists of items from text-files. Instead of adding new items one by one
  •  Icons for the new feature have been made (and implemented)

Weekly summary

Beta-testing has begun and a number of devices are now running Ackera. At the time of writing, not one single crash has been reported. But that does not mean they do not exist.

Improvments for this week

  • The message regarding Ackera want to access the phone is no longer showing up (Ackera never has, and probably never will, access the phone anyway) 🙂
  • Number values that doesn’t need to show a decimal-point are now displayed properly (no decimal-point is displayed)
  • Various layout issues such as space between values, right-alignment etc