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The meals contain a lot of numbers, please explain.

Lets show this with an example. At the bottom of this post is a detailed meal-view for a fruit-meal:

Red: This shows the total amount of calories for the meal. The fruit-meal consists of 207.8 calories

Yellow: This shows the total amount of gram for the meal and the source. The fruit-meal consists of 46.4 gram of carbs, 2.4 gram of protein, 0.8 gram of fat and no alcohol.

Green: This shows the sources of all the calories (from the red field above). The fruit-meal consists of 190.4 calories from carbs, 10 calories from protein, 7.4 calories from fat and 0 calories from alochol.

Blue: This shows the energy-distribution for the fruit-meal. 91.6% of all the energy is from carbs, 4.8% of the energy is from protein, 3.6% of the energy is from fat and 0% from alcohol.

purple: This shows the amount of each food-item. The fruit-meal consists of 1 apple and 2 bananas

white: This shows the total amount of calories from each of the food-items. The fruit-meal consists of 41.3 calories from an apple and 166.5 calories from 2 bananas.

For glycemic load, check out the link below:


Why does glycemic load show n/a?

For Ackera to determine the glycemic index, you must make sure all food-items in the meal have GI-values (must be 0 or positive value). Most food-items comes with a default value of -1. If one food-item in the meal has a negative GI-value, the glycemic index will always show n/a.

Ok , so how can i fix it?

Simply add a GI-value for the food-items that are missing GI-values. This can be done by updating an item. Check out the link below:

GI-value is found at the bottom, dont forget to scroll đŸ™‚





What is the glycemic load?

In the detailed meal-view there is a label at the top-right corner, “glycemic load”, what is glycemic load?

Its a method for determine the impact the carbs have on insuline- levels. Values below 10 are considered good, they do not causes insuline-spikes, 15 are considered medium, they have a higher impact on insuline-levels and 20+ are considered hiqh, (causes insuline-spikes). For more info, please visit the link below: