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i want to create my own item-databse. Can i do that?

Yes, use your favorite text-editor to create a custom file containing all the items you want to add. Copy the file to your phones external memory card according to the following format:


Example can be found at the bottom of this post. Lets have a closer look at apple.

Name: Apple

Carbs/100 gram: 8.2

Protein/100 gram: 0.2

Fat/ 100 gram: 0

Alcohol/ 100 gram:0

grams per serving: 1 (if you are not sure what serving size to use, just type 1, and specify “gram” as the unit to use.

Unit: gram

GI-Value: 38 (If you do not know the GI-value for the specified item, use “-1” 

Do not forget that each line must end with a “,”


Is it possible to view details about a food-item in a similair way as a meal or diet?

Yes it is, you’ll need to add the food-item to a meal or diet first. To add a food-item to a meal, please visit the following link:

Then, in the meal-view, tap on a meal

This will bring up the breakfasts detailed view.

tap on the item you would like to view details about. A view similair breakfast detail-view will appear.

For details regarding the numbers, please visit the link below:

If i remove a food-item from a meal, will it be deleted from the application as well?

No, the item will still be present in the item-view along with the other food-items.

Do i really need to specify all my items using the unit gram?

No, you are free to use any unit you like. “Gram per unit-field” allow you to specity how many grams equal a serving. Examle An apple is about 120 gram. A banana is about 100 gram. A glass of fresh orange-juice is about 300 gram, or maybee 500 gram if you are thirsty.

I do not know the GI value for the food-item im about to add?

Just type a negative value such as -1

Im trying to add a new food-item but it doesn’t work. Im prompted with “bad input”

  • Make sure the name of the food-item is 30 chars maximum
  • Make sure all input-fields have values. It´s ok to omit “unit”
  • Make sure values for  “Carbs, Protein,fat and alcohol per 100 gram” are all in the range of 0-100
  • Make sure that “gram per unit” have a positive value

What source have been used for the preloaded food-item nutrition values?

For nutrition values I used (found in the link-section).

For the few GI-values I used a report found here:

Yes, the GI-report is a bit old, but still, very impressive.