About Ackera

What is Ackera?

Ackera is a mobile-application built for smart-phones running the android platform. It’s used for monitor the daily calorie-intake.  I developed this application back in 2003.  It was simply a black and white desctop application with no such thing as a graphical user interface. Later I wrote a version for mobile-devices and i have used it with great sucess ever since. For not so long ago i bougth a smartphone and i missed my application so i rewrote it and here it is, enjoy….

What are the alternatives?

Now, Ackera do cost money, so if you’re not prepared to invest a couple of $, then there are free calorie-counters available online. Maybe you acually find an application that suits your needs better than Ackera. The most important thing is that you find an application that helps you achieve your goals. For some people Ackera is the better solution, others might get just fine with the free stuff available online.


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