i want to create my own item-databse. Can i do that?

Yes, use your favorite text-editor to create a custom file containing all the items you want to add. Copy the file to your phones external memory card according to the following format:


Example can be found at the bottom of this post. Lets have a closer look at apple.

Name: Apple

Carbs/100 gram: 8.2

Protein/100 gram: 0.2

Fat/ 100 gram: 0

Alcohol/ 100 gram:0

grams per serving: 1 (if you are not sure what serving size to use, just type 1, and specify “gram” as the unit to use.

Unit: gram

GI-Value: 38 (If you do not know the GI-value for the specified item, use “-1” 

Do not forget that each line must end with a “,”


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